FRS Account to UniFi Chart/Fund Mapping Tool

Note This utility maps a FRS Account, Accounts Receivable customer number, employee professional expense accounts, and other employee advances to the UniFi Chart and Fund codes.


FRS Account



  • To determine the appropriate Program and Account codes to be used with your Chart/Fund combinations, please refer to the UniFi Account and Program Code Listings.
  • When entering a FRS Account number, please ensure to exclude the dash (ie. 280208 ).
  • When no mapping is found for a valid FRS Account, this typically indicates that the account will be closed in FRS and will not be carried forward to UniFi.
  • An FRS Account will map to one Chart/Fund, but multiple FRS Accounts may also map to the same Chart/Fund.
  • To retrieve the mapping for your Accounts Receivable customer number, you must enter 'R' and your existing customer number in the FRS Account field (ie. R5925692 ).
  • To retrieve the mapping for Accountable Professional Expense Allowances, Travel Advances, Petty Cash, Sabbatical Leaves or Admin Leaves, you must enter the identified prefix (see below), followed by your employee id in the FRS Account field (ie. PA1234567 ).
    PA : Faculty Accountable Professional Expense Allowance
    AS : A.S.P.A. Accountable Professional Expense Allowance
    NF : Non Faculty Accountable Professional Expense Allowance
    OS : Out of Scope Accountable Professional Expense Allowance
    TA : Travel Advances
    PC : Petty Cash Advances
    SL : Sabbatical Leaves
    AL : Admin Leaves

  • For more information, please contact UniFi User Support at 966-8783 or email